Our vision at The OASIS SOLICITORS & ATTORNEYS is to compete at the top end of the legal ladder, and attain a premium position as a qualitative legal service provider deeply committed to the observance of the highest standard of professional ethics, thus living up to our name “OASIS”; a haven of refuge for legal solution seekers.

To achieve this goal and sustain our distinct brand in the legal family, we are an assemblage of young, energetic and brightest legal minds, with vast experience in modern complex and dynamic legal market, who share similar values rooted in excellent service delivery. Accordingly, we provide qualitative legal services to meet our clients’ peculiar contemporary legal challenges as well as their varying individual needs, while also upholding the ethos and ideals of the legal profession as a noble vocation.

We serve our clients individual and commercial needs from purchasing a home, setting up and incorporating a business, preparing a Will and Power of Attorney, to assisting you with matrimonial issues. At Oasis Solicitors & Attorneys we continue to provide every one of our clients with the detailed attention that they deserve, irrespective of location and or distance, because we realise that distance is no barrier to providing you with quality legal services, in line with international best practices. We advise on incorporation, purchase and sale of businesses, whether assets or shares, negotiate leases and other agreements and handle all issues relating to the conduct of business.


We work closely with our clients to untangle knotty legal issues and disagreements confronting them in a common sense manner devoid of ambiguity, in matters ranging from personal, and business disputes; in estate matters to commercial litigations, through negotiated settlement; out of court action. We represent a wide variety of clients including individuals, families, large and small private companies (corporate bodies) and non-profit organisations.

The purchase and sale, leasing or refinancing of real property represent a number of intricate legal issues that should be overseen by a well trained and experienced Solicitor, to negotiate and document these transactions.


At OS&A, We assist our clients with the purchase, sale or leasing of a real estate/property. We see our clients through the entire real property transactions, from drafting of letter of intent to investigation/perfection, modification of purchase agreement and ending to eventual assignment and where necessary to the management of the said property with maximum efficiency.


We think that death is inevitable and will occur sometime but we do not know exactly when it would happen. You can minimise the heartache and unhealthy squabbles of those you will leave behind by leaving your estate in the hands of seasoned professionals. A will and estate plan will provide for efficient administration of your affairs in accordance with your wishes and peculiar family situation. It will provide for dependants, defer payment of monies for children and determine how and when assets are to be passed to them. A professionally prepared will and a well-considered estate plan can save you thousands of hard earned Naira in probate fees, taxes, legal fees and such other incidental costs.

Family disputes are inevitable and often unpleasant and stressful. In O.S &A, we understand and empathize with our clients’ quagmire and concerns in their ever increasing legal demands. As such we provide our esteemed clients with a realistic assessment of viable and permissible options and if necessary as a last resort, offer them quality representation in court, where other means of civil resolution fails. We resolve issues in a simple commons sense way that provides practical solution at an affordable cost and maximum efficiency and speed.




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